Blackbook was a collaborative project done with Alex Tatner. The aim of Blackbook was to create a service that would replace business cards at networking events. The inspiration behind this collaborative project was the stack of cards everyone seemed to be walking around with at events and how tricky it was to remember exactly who you spoke to and where. The app is designed to be an add-on to Eventbrite, which is very good at allowing users to create and sign up for events but once booked, that's where the service ends.

Blackbook offers users a simple, intuitive way to swap contact details with the right people and then connect with them through several social media platforms afterwards. Blackbook is a service that makes connecting and keeping in touch with the right people a whole lot simpler.

  • Blackbook is built in to the Eventbrite website.
  • You simply download the app after you have booked an event.
  • Quickly scan another users QR code to add them to your collection of business cards.
  • All of your contacts are held and organised in-app.
  • There is no longer the need to go through piles of business cards when you come home from an event.
  • All details are pulled and regularly synced from Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Contact details are always up to date.