Soukou is a truly bespoke service based on the dreams and aspirations that all potential parents have for their children. It is a way of life, of shared responsibility to ensure that every child we support is guaranteed a meaningful and successful future.

Soukou offers members an unrivalled learning and development service that is completely tailored around the specific requirements that each individual child may have along their path to becoming exceptional in every way. Quality is paramount so ensuring that only the very best, most well-rounded individuals are created is top priority. We work alongside parents and children 24 hours a day to ensure that every goal is attained and every need met.

Our mission is to offer an unrivalled learning and development service, completely tailored around the specific requirements identified by future parents who want to ensure the best future they possibly can for their children. We offer a complete service from pre-conception through to graduation and beyond. For us to create something exceptional, we have to BE exceptional - which is why the service we offer is beyond compare.

Our child development specialists are the absolute best in their chosen disciplines, dedicated to shaping and moulding each individual child along their uniquely chosen path to becoming exceptional in every way. Quality matters and we are committed to fostering only the very best, rounded individuals which is why we cap the number of children we assist, thereby guaranteeing that members receive only the highest quality of service. This ensures that Soukou membership is truly exclusive.

There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequal people; the education a child receives will determine their future life. By discovering with accuracy their particular bent of genius, Soukou will ensure that a child becomes the person they were meant to be. Only the educated are truly free and this service gives every child a chance at greatness.

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Soukou is my response to the competitive parenting I have experienced and witnessed over the past few years. We all want what’s best for our children and will go to the ends of the earth to achieve this, so I took these two ideals to the extreme and developed this critical design piece to pose some provocative questions.

Tracking and monitoring our every move is becoming increasingly common. Wearable technology can report back on how we’re doing and we can enhance our performance accordingly. At the moment, designer babies are still science-fiction but stem cell research is already breaking boundaries. I wonder how long it will be before parents will have the option to tinker around with nature and create a superior specimen from the DNA they already have. How much longer will our existing DNA determine our individual identity?

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