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Toddlr guides you to the closest child-friendly places when you need them the most. Rated and recommended by other parents, you know you can trust that you’ll find what you’re looking for whether it's play areas, baby-changing facilities or restaurants and coffee shops with space for buggies.

It’s like Maps for parents, by parents.


What is Toddlr?

Toddlr is an Android app aimed at parents and carers of children under 3. It uses the Toddlr facility API and also the Foursquare API to help users find child friendly places within a 10 minute walk of their current location. These places have been rated and validated by other users / parents and as such, facility information is crowd sourced to try and keep it as up to date as possible.

The default radius is a 10 minute walk from a user’s current location. The Foursquare API returns a maximum of 50 results per request. There are 4 filters on the bottom of the main screen that can be used to narrow down results according to the facilities available at each place namely baby change, high chair, play area and buggy park. Because there is no facility data available through Foursquare, we have created our own API to collect and collate this information. We have started collecting and adding this information ourselves by phoning places and manually entering the data but the areas we’ve covered are limited to Hackney and Islington.

Users are able to view places near them, rate how child-friendly a place is and add facility information for any place. Each user has one ‘vote’ which they can change at any time. Any changes made to an existing selection or rating will adjust the total count accordingly, it will not increment the overall count of facilities and ratings. This is to prevent users from making multiple ratings to affect a place’s overall score.

The app uses notifications to encourage users to rate and add facility information for places they may have visited. They are sent a notification if they have been stationary in a place for more than 10 minutes AND if they interacted with that place’s pin at some point during the day (i.e. brought up the summary screen for that place as a minimum). One notification is sent out at the end of each day that the app has been opened and a new place has been visited.

The app keeps track of the places a user has visited and a list of 10 recent places is available for the user to view. This list is accessible either from the global navigation drawer or through the daily notification. From here a user can dismiss a place they haven’t visited or rate / add facility data for places they have.

Because facility data is crowd sourced, Toddlr has implemented a tolerance system to validate this facility data. The tolerance system kicks in after a pre-determined number of users enter facility data into the app. It takes into account any facilities that may have been added or removed in error to ensure that facility data is as accurate as possible.

The accuracy of the geofence is variable, GPS results are most accurate, so there may be places in the list of recent places that are inaccurate. This is unavoidable at this stage but giving users the opportunity to dismiss places they haven’t been to straight away from the recent places list should help to minimise friction. 

The Toddlr app is currently a MVP that was released to a closed group of beta testers in December 2014.


Why Toddlr?

Our hypotheses:

  • We believe that parents need a dedicated app to provide them fast, reliable information on nearby Toddlr-friendly facilities (baby change, play area etc) when they are out and about with their child.

  • We believe that multiple filters to refine returned results are important to users.

  • We believe that parents value ratings over other factors when it comes to filtering results.

  • We believe that parents will trust our app to make reliable recommendations when choosing a place to take their child.

  • We believe that parents will trust and value other parents’ opinions over other factors when choosing a place to take their child.

  • We believe parents will want to leave ratings on facilities to help out their peers.

  • We believe parents will see the value in adding new places to the app to help out other parents.

  • We believe that an API exists that will provide us with the information we need to populate all of central London with the relevant data.

  • We believe that users in our target group own smart phones.


Who is Toddlr?

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