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I've worked as a multi-disciplinary designer and strategist on projects across the technology, healthcare, retail, music and education sectors. The clients I've worked with include:

Here is a selection of some the most interesting projects I've worked on, these ones allowed me to leverage my broad skillset across different areas of design. Each project demanded a different approach to design and strategy to achieve an innovative and inclusive outcome and taught me something new along the way.



DiG is a digital service based on diabetes inpatient guidelines developed by the JBDS. It supports healthcare professionals to make good decisions about how best to care for their patients by offering them a digital alternative to the current guidelines.




Flipside is a 3-month programme led by some of the world's leading digital design agencies to introduce young people aged 18-30 to everything they need to know about starting a career in digital product design.



Fintech / Lean + Agile

Barclays Mobile Banking (BMB) set the standard for user experience within the digital banking industry a decade a go. The GV Design Sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas.



Collective Intelligence / Data Design

Spectrum is a system designed to better understand the context of loneliness in order to offer actionable insights that could encourage residents, local communities and governments to take action.


Yellow Book


Yellow Book is an infant feeding advice and planning service designed for new and expectant parents and sits alongside existing pre- and postnatal care. It's there to help expectant parents make informed decisions by offering independent, evidence-based advice on both human and formula milk.

yellow book.png

Community Garden Club

Policy / Social Innovation

The Community Garden club provides the public, schools, councils and local businesses with a way to connect with each other to find new ways of bringing more gardens into their local neighbourhoods.




Toddlr is an Android app aimed at parents and carers of children under 3. It helps users find child friendly places within a 10 minute walk of their current location. Facility information is crowd sourced by parents to keep it as up to date as possible.

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