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Please get in touch if you require a PDF version of this information. You can read more about  the specific skills and experience I gained on individual projects here.


Motability Operations



Motability Operations provides worry-free mobility solutions to over 630,000 customers and their families across the UK. It is the largest car fleet operator in the UK, purchasing around 10% of all the new cars sold and works with a network of around 5,000 car dealers and all the major manufacturers. The focus is on delivering outstanding customer service, achieving an independently verified customer satisfaction rating of 9.8 out of 10. 

In my current role as senior service designer I work closely with teams across the business. My practice is grounded in colleague, customer, and market insights to enhance propositions and identify how our service could be improved. My facilitation of workshops and discussions has ensured a deep understanding of business context, needs, and risks, fostering well-informed decision-making. Effective communication with colleagues and customers has been paramount to managing expectations and incorporating diverse perspectives in defining solutions.


As a senior designer, my role has extended to leading projects that guide teams in making informed experience design decisions, emphasising the user perspective and challenging existing processes and ideas. Beyond project objectives, my commitment to design excellence and maturity extends to the ongoing development of both individuals and teams, achieved through a dedicated approach to knowledge-sharing and mentoring. As an active member of the design community, I share knowledge, contribute ideas, and champion design principles across various product, service, and customer journey landscapes within the business. My proficiency spans a range of research and design methods critical to successful outcomes, from contextual enquiry and interviews to creative workshop facilitation and co-creation.


I am responsible for helping develop and lead our internal Service Design practice. My focus is on leading and delivering end-to-end design experiences, aligning cross-business work streams and advocating for the customer. Having extensive experience as a design thinking practitioner, I bring a proven track record in managing service design projects. My ability to leverage data and research for accurate insights, coupled with adept stakeholder management and communication skills, positions me well to navigate the fast-paced and ever-changing environment of in-house service design practice.




While completing a Masters in Service Design through the Royal College of Art, I also worked as a multi-disciplinary freelance designer on short term projects across the technology, healthcare, retail, music and education sectors. 

I worked on planning and managing design research and strategy activities to plan and execute system mapping, customer journeys, scenarios and service specifications. I worked with multi-disciplinary teams to analyse research data to identify and generate meaningful insights and behavioural patterns. 

I worked closely with researchers, visual and user experience designers to contribute to the improvement of the design quality and final user experience during the whole product development lifecycle and helped create intuitive and innovative product and service design solutions that were truly user-centred and inclusive.

I contributed to and ran the discovery and design phases of projects, working with ambiguous briefs to provide clarity and engage in proactive, analytical and collaborative problem-solving. I facilitated workshops with clients and stakeholders, defined and structured deliverables consistent with specific project goals and communicated these through presentations and design strategy documentations. 

My ability to explain creative decisions and welcome constructive feedback meant I quickly become a trusted partner and collaborator who inspired quality propositions and generated value.




In this role, I was responsible for designing and improving services that met the needs of a diverse range of clients across a broad range of different sectors. I worked closely with cross-functional teams to understand the unique user needs and business objectives of each of our clients to develop innovative and inclusive solutions. Using my skills in design research, prototyping, and testing I was able to help design effective solutions to the challenging problems faced by clients. My strong background in service design, excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with a variety of stakeholders made a valuable contribution to the development and evolution of the service design process at Ustwo.

Ogilvy & Mather



In this role I was part of a small team working within Labs, Ogilvy's in-house research and development innovation lab. I was responsible for brainstorming, developing, and executing creative concepts for advertising campaigns across a variety of mediums. We worked closely with the account team to understand the goals and needs of the client and to create compelling and effective advertising materials that met those objectives. This role helped to hone my excellent problem-solving skills and ability to work collaboratively in a fast-paced environment.




In this role I was part of a team that was responsible for designing and improving services for a broad range of clients. In this role I was able to develop a range of skills, including design research, prototyping, and user testing, to understand user needs and create effective solutions. My strong communication and collaboration skills as a service designer meant that I was able  to work well with a variety of stakeholders and teams.

Birkbeck (UoL)



In this role I taught students how to design and develop websites using a range of technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Actionscript. I received positive feedback from my students for my engaging teaching style and ability to convey complex concepts in a clear and accessible way.


Royal College of Art

MA - Service Design

2017 - 2020



Service Design is the application of human centred design methods to complex systems in order to create pragmatic and visionary services that improve and transform human experiences and outcomes.

The Royal College of Art has been ranked the number one university for art and design internationally for eight consecutive years according to the QS World University Rankings.

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Ravensbourne University London

BA (Hons) Design for Interaction

2011 - 2013



Working alongside engineers, psychologists and marketing specialists, interactive product designers shape the objects we use every day; interaction design explores the relationship between people, objects, environments and information technology to shape products that are engaging, easy to use and sustainable.



2000 - 2009

Cape Town + London

Qantm College
HND, Web Development
2009 - 2011

Birkbeck, University of London

HND, Web Authoring & Multimedia

2007 - 2009


Cape Peninsula University of Technology
HND, Information Technology
2000 - 2002

Professional skillset

Senior Stakeholder Management

Proven ability in building relationships with key decision-makers, ensuring strategic alignment, and integrating design principles into organisational decision-making.

Collaboration and Team Leadership

Effective collaboration within agile and multidisciplinary teams, leading in the development of research-based programmes.

Facilitation and Communication:

Expert in facilitating workshops and discussions, ensuring well-informed decisions by managing expectations and incorporating diverse perspectives.

User-Centric Experience Design:

Leading teams to make informed experience design decisions, prioritising the user perspective, and challenging constraints' validity.

Coaching and Development:

Taking responsibility for personal and team development, supporting others through coaching and mentoring.

Community Engagement and Culture Development:

Actively participating in the design community, sharing knowledge, and fostering a culture of inclusion, diversity, collaboration, and co-creation.

Research and Documentation:

Proficient in a range of research and design methods, including contextual enquiry, interviews, and service blueprinting.

Strategic Proposition Creation:

Developing strategic customer propositions by integrating business, technology, and customer needs.

Innovation and Prototyping:

Applying innovation methodologies and proficient in design experiment and prototyping approaches.

Design Tools Proficiency:

Skilled in design tools such as Figma for tangible artefact production and holistic thinking.

CX (Customer Experience) Strategy Formulation:

Extensive experience as a design thinking practitioner, leveraging data and research to formulate insights and drive CX strategies forward.

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